Juke of Spades

Round Table: Pick Your Seven

V-Day: You’re being banished to an island with no means of communication. You’re allowed to bring 7 movies, songs and books each. What will be your choices? We’re assuming that there’s a Lost style bunker where you have everything you need for basic survival and can watch movies. DP: I was just falling asleep in my office. Finally something interesting to do!…

Roundtable: Christmas Songs

TIG: The right speaker on my headphones goes out now and then.  When it does I make an annoyed growl, that I recognize as Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s Monster.  The old Universal movies are something I remember watching frequently and with great relish with my mother as a child. Which made me think, again, of Boris Karloff singing, “You’re a Mean…

Mixtape: 80’s Montage

Being children of the 80’s this playlist is for us! Get your Trapper Keeper, Swatch Watch, and leg warmers, it’s time to boogie! Movies drive this playlist. Some of these songs may not have had an awesome story telling montage…but they could’ve! Personal favorites: Send Me an Angel from The Wizard and We Don’t Need Another Hero from Mad Max:…


The latest band I was floored by is England’s Purson. This group will be opening for Ghost (see previous post) in October here in PDX. What I like about Purson and Ghost is the retro rock and look they bring to the table. My favorite bands of all time looked and sounded like this. Black Sabbath, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc. With new bands taking this motif, I am fully on board and cannot wait to see them live.

Purson has the edge over Ghost with their song writing abilities but I like that Ghost is heavier. Purson has a great blend of Jethro Tull, Doors, and Grace Slick with Dio and Bjork like videos. Ghost is like King Diamond-lite with Sabbath riffery.

I haven’t been excited about current bands for a long while and my ears are perked for Purson and Ghost.

Juke’s Top Ten Worst Songs Evah!

Broken records on the floor of a warehouseAny list about an art form is subjective. The list below may not make your ears bleed as bad as mine but I think we’re all in agreement that some of these choice cuts are something you could play at Guantanamo to get a confession.

There are classic horrible songs like; We Built This City by Starship or Friday by Rebecca Black. Rebecca Black is just a kid so she gets a tad bit of a pass. It’s like Hanson’s Mmm Bop or anything by Aaron Carter, these are minors and can’t be held to the same let’s burn-them-at-the-stake ideal as adults. Barbie Girl by Aqua (and other foreign acts) get a pass because of them being foreign. If a song sucks, and Barbie Girl does suck, I can usually be less pissed by them being foreign. Canada is too close for that rule. Being Canadian just hurts your cred a tad right out of the gate.