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Expedition: Merlin Lake Day

Merlin Lake Day 7.17.2016 Lake Merwin, Washington 45.962598, -122.544166 (approx) Team: KK, CK, AK, VK, JK, SL, ML, AL KK is the red haired girl, CK is Laverne, the girl who gets molested by Randy while she’s asleep. CK & JK venture out early in search of provisions, VK & KK were thankful. Team traveled to Merlin Lake, saw horse…

Expedition: The Brand New Camp

The Brand New Camp Panther Creek, Gifford Pinchot Forest, Washington 45.843018, -121.860590 (approx) Team: VK, JK, CK, KK, AK Expedition Notes: Edgar Winter soothsayer Bridge Gods required one dollar in sacrifice. You will be arrested and your car pushed off the bridge if you don’t pay! Gobbler’s Knob The K family successfully scouted a spot early, next to Panther Creek.…

A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request

The late great Steve Goodman and a song that rings more true with each passing year that the Cubs don’t make/win the World Series. The line about the last time the Cubs won the National Pennant was when we dropped the bomb on Japan, still true today, 30+ years after this song was written. Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908. With the Cubs out of the playoffs, my fellow faithful can lament: “There’s always next century.”