Round Table: Pick Your Seven

V-Day: You’re being banished to an island with no means of communication. You’re allowed to bring 7 movies, songs and books each. What will be your choices?

We’re assuming that there’s a Lost style bunker where you have everything you need for basic survival and can watch movies.

DP: I was just falling asleep in my office. Finally something interesting to do! I’ll have to mull this over…

ML: Should the focus be on entertainment only? Or are we to use these as instructional aides during our island exile?

TIG: Motherfucker, there is no survival!  Don’t you get it?  We’re dead.


*There will be blood
*Ken Burns the Civil War
*Bon Voyage Charlie Brown and (don’t come back)
*The Texas chainsaw massacre
*Six Feet Under the complete series
*Some porno maybe something with Fae Reagan or Mia Malcova.

*Blank Sketch Book….Me
*Leaves of Grass…Whitman
*Katie’s Love Letters…Katie
*A people’s history of the Untied States….Zinn
*All the Prett Horses…McCarthy
*Slaughterhouse Five…Vonegurt

Songs(This is impossable and will change from day to day.)
*No Quarter…Zep
*Swamp Song…Tool
*A warm Place…NIN
*Just a Man…Faith No More
*Hallelujah…Jeff Buckley
*The Killing Moon…Echo and the Bunnymen



Psycho Because it is my favorite movie!
A Christmas Story I would play it for 24 hours straight, once a year.
Alien Sigourney Weaver is a badass.
Jurassic Park
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Interview with the Vampire
The Birdcage


I can’t think of a better method than bringing my favorites. I’d probably learn to hate them though.

Happiness is a Warm Gun by The Beatles
Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins
Mutter by Rammstein
Graceland by Paul Simon
Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
Moonage Daydream by David Bowie
Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

My first consideration is that I want something that I’ve read before, so I know that I’ll enjoy it. Secondly, I want books that are long and meaty so that they’ll keep me occupied as long as possible. I tried for a variety of styles and genres.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare I’ve only read a bit of Shakespeare (enough to know I’d enjoy studying it at length). I think I could spend a lot of time with this one.

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

100 Poems from the Japanese translated by Kenneth Rexroth A short book, but it was one of my father’s favorites and holds sentimental value. I can read it over and over and over.

It by Stephen King I love his older work. I probably should take The Stand because I love it and it’s longer, but I just reread it so right now It has more appeal.

Watership Down by Richard Adams because it has been a favorite of mine since I was ten.

Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney. “Beowulf got ready, donned his war gear, indifferent to death; his mighty, hand-forged, fine-webbed mail would soon meet with the menace underwater. It would keep the bone-cage of his body safe”. I could study the Old English original, too.

Art Through the Ages It’s my favorite subject. I could use it as visual reference with which to draw in the sand and on the paper I would make. I’ve always understood history best through art, so this would be the best way for me to remember history. Also, pretty pictures.

CV: I almost put an Art History book but i didnt know any good ones. Completed works is a good idea. Im already changing my list. How long would we have to decide before we were banished?

V-Day: You just know that you’re going to be banished, you don’t know when. So you could revise as often as you wish until you’re actually banished (which could be any time).

But if you don’t have a list, you’ll be banished with nothing!

CV: If anyone tried to banish me Ide kick em in the dick

V-Day: He’s wearing a armor cod piece!

TIG: Friends! There are plenty of logical reasons why this scenario might take place.

V-Day: If you’re so on top of this, what do you choose?



All books that won’t make as much sense the first time you read them as they will upon subsequent re-readings:

Walden’s Pond
Ulysses (James Joyce)
Finnigan’s Wake (James Joyce)
The Riverside Shakespeare (or another complete work volume)
The Holy Bible
The I Ching
Yeats, The Major (or complete) Works


It’s a cheap shot to say Mozart’s Requiem and other things just because I can find an old single track of it, so I’ll just say Mozart’s Requiem.


If I’m going to be on a deserted island without Ginger and Mary Ann, I’ll need porn. So much porn. I’ll spare everyone the graphic details, but lots of porn…Almost less important than the types than the range, so as long as possible with as many different porn stars doing as many different things as possible.

As I’m falling into dementia, I don’t want Wilson there. I want to be deluded into thinking that I’m with young beauties that does terrible things to themselves for my benefit because they love me and want me to be happy; I want to train my diseased mind that that we are on the island together. When I inevitably go mad, I want to have the kind of broken psyche that worries about leaving my haram on the island alone.

V-Day: Walden’s Pond and the I Ching are fantastic choices. I like how your list starts out so classy and then ends with you as a psycho lech. Well-rounded.


I feel like if we get entire books we should get entire albums. So there you go.

TIG: There is nothing on this planet I wouldn’t get tired of listening to, album or not.  Except for Mozart, I guess.  I’m sticking with my choice.


1. Spanish Textbook (w/ spanish to english dictionary in the back, like most have)
2. World Atlas
3. Lord of the Flies (I’m on an island for christ’s sake)
4. Nightmares and Dreamscapes (I like short stories)
5. Charles Addams anthology. I love books with pictures, ga-hick!
6. War and Peace (Saving it for the island ala George Costanza)
7. Sketchbook (excellent call CV. I’ll use charcoal to draw if there’s no pens or pencils)

1. Earth Wind and Fire – All n’ All (A man’s gotta boogie)
2. Kraftwerk – Man Machine
3. Mozart – Some collection of his work
4. Megadeth – Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?
5. The Beatles – Sgt. Peppers
6. NIN – Pretty Hate Machine
7. Bjork – Post

1. The Fugitive (all time fav)
2. Alice in Wonderland (first movie I ever saw)
3. Friday the 13th pt. 4
(What’s good enough for Axel is good enough for me…”Hi girls, thanks for waiting up for me. Oh no”)
4. Ken Burns Baseball (excellent Ken Burns call CV)
5. Silence of the Lambs (It puts the urine on its skin, or else it gets the jellyfish again)
6. The Simpsons Season 4
7. 2001: A Space Odyssey


Smash Lee:

7 books:
1. “To Kill a Mockingbird” – Harper Lee
2. Art History Hardcover Book
3. The Great Book of Riddles
4. “The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe”
5. “From Hell” Graphic Novel
6. “Dracula” – Bram Stoker
7. “Rebecca “ – Daphne du Maurier

7 albums:
1. Mary Playground – Self Titled Album
2. NIN – The Fragile
3. Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step
4. Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders from Mars (soundtrack)
5. Violent Femmes – Self Titled Album
6. Led Zeppelin – IV
7. The Best of Beethoven

7 movies:
1. Shaun of the Dead
2. Rosemary’s Baby
3. The Graduate
4. The Royal Tenenbaums
5. Kill Bill (Vol. 1 and 2)
6. Psycho
7. Gross Point Blank

V-Day: Smash- the riddle book is a great call!! I feel like a lot of this comes down to what kind of crazy do you want to end up with. You’ll running around muttering riddles,

TIG will be talking nonsense to his imaginary harem. Or, someone will end up on your island and you’ll be that protector character that always says “You may pass into these ruins once you answer me these riddles three!”


Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode
Lost – VAST
The Great Below – NIN
God Moving Over the Face… – Moby
Seasons – Life of Agony
Bicycle – Memory Tapes
Silhouettes – Swimming With Dolphins

The Bible
The Three of Swords
Where The Red Fern Grows
The Great Gatsby
The Heritage of Shannara

Schindler’s List
Purple Rain
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended
Dances with Wolves

((Bonus)) Video Games:
Final Fantasy 3 (VI)
XCom Ufo Defense
Chrono Trigger
Mass Effect Trilogy
Civilization 2
World of Warcraft

Hard to narrow down but I’d start with this.

V-Day: Fantastic bonus question!!! Video games would probably stave off 20 years of insanity for me. Maybe more.


TIG: You can spend a lot of time on CIV II.

Smash Lee: 

Adding my Video Games! #FTW

1. American McGee’s Alice Madness Returns
2. Fez
3. Tetris Super NES
4. Peggle
5. MarioKart Super NES
6. Portal 2
7. World of Warcraft

CV: Fucking Vidya Games.

Juke— Post is in my car right now!

Awesome Choice
God Moving Over the Face… – Moby is gunna make you wana watch Heat. Awesome Choice

NIN is killing it on these lists

Y’all a bunch of classy mother fuckers

Video Games
1.Shadow of the Colossus
2.Resident Evil 4
4. Starcraft
5. Warcraft 3
6. The Legend of Zelda Windwaker
7.Megaman X collection

Then I drop the mic and go play these games

I think you guys just gave me a pretty decent reading list!


OK, I’ll bite on video games:

1. Civ III
2. Battlefield: 1942
3. Kerbal Space Program
5. FF IV (II)
6. Skyrim
7. Rival Turf!


ML: I love how World of Warcraft makes the list. The game could keep me actively playing for probably the next 20 years easily without needing anything else.

TIG: “I’ll ask for help after this next turn…”

Civ 3
Whatever newest civ is
Star Trek Online
Tmnt 1 (plenty of time to figure out that damned jump)
FF 3


ML, Smash and I said the same thing at work! I’ve never played WOW really, but I put it on my list because I know I could spend some serious time with it.

I love seeing the overlap on lists AKA the definitive list of worthwhile endeavors. Here’s all the stuff I’ve seen overlap:

Lord of the Rings

Like CV said, “NIN is killing it”
Also a lot of: Beatles, Zepp, Bowie, Mozart

Complete Works of Shakespeare
Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe
The Holy Bible
Art History Hardcover Book
Blank Sketch Book

((Bonus)) Video Games:
Mario Kart for SNES
World of Warcraft
Final Fantasy 3 (VI)

Process: The lists are awesome. I keep seeing everybody’s list and thinking damn what great choices.

CV, Megaman X Collection was on the verge for me. Damn those are great games.

Is it too late to switch to Civ III?

Art supplies/blank sketch is brilliant. Even if it cost a few slots it’d be worth it.

Juke: bonus vidya games
1. Twilight Zone pinball (I know, not technically a video game)

2. Toe Jam and Earl

3. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

4. GTA V

5. Asteroids

6. Sim City 2000

7. Pac Man, wait no! Ms. Pac-Man! obviously the better version


Smash Lee: Zombies ate my neighbors! Juke, I had completely forgot how much I loved this game. The Chopping Mall level was my favorite. Didn’t it also have a Primus song in it? Too many puppies maybe? (Sim city 2000 is also amazing)

I instantly regretted not adding Roller Coaster Tycoon. So many good hours playing those games.

Process: Can’t go wrong with any Civ game, 2-4. Shawshank Redemption and Eternal Sunshine… , excellent choices. Also, how could I forget Last of Us. Amazingly emotional game. I remember scoffing at the 10/10 scores it was getting until I finished it. Sets a benchmark for gaming. Simulation games are the shit. Sim City 2000 and I never played it but I heard great things about Railroad Tycoon. Surprised Goldeneye hasn’t made the list somewhere.

Juke: Castaway and Treasure Island almost made my list. Great picks. Maybe I’d put Civ on my list in place of Ms. Pacman, that way I’ve got something with a little more substance tha p-p-p-p-p- PAC POWER!

Play it loud!

TIG: Every single one of ye will regret not having more porn. Mark my words.


I guess it’s time I add to this list.


1. Dazed and Confused
2. Groundhog Day
3. Cool As Ice
4. Rad!
5. Xena (full series box set)
6. BBC Series Planet Earth
7. Porn


1. Most comprehensive guide to amateur radio available
2. Most comprehensive guide to shit I can and cannot eat
3. Encyclopedia
4. Thesaurus
5. Most comprehensive guide to gardening available
6. Most comprehensive book of anatomy and physiology available
7. Most comprehensive book about survival medicine.
8. I’m only allowed seven books but will consult Sam before being banished on how to conceal porn on my person.


1. Blind Melon (self titled)
2. 311 Transistor
3. Tori Amos Under The Pink
4. Stereo MCs Emperor’s Nightingale
5. Bjork Debut
6. Megadeth Youthanasia
7. Something from the classical music realm. TBD


1. ToeJam and Earl
2. Zelda Windwaker
3. Lemmings and Oh No More Lemmings!
4. Minecraft
5. Red Dead Redemption (2 if banished after fall 2017)
6. Seaman
7. Neo Geo Arcade with Metal Slug

So the idea here is that we’ve been banished and given no means of communication to the outside world. I plan to build my own radio and eventually leave the island. None of this eating around writing SOS in the sand garbage. I chose a Neo Geo not just because Metal Slug is awesome. But also because it’s a complicated system and will likely have more components to salvage. Although Seaman for Sega Dreamcast was voiced by Leonard Nimoy, that isn’t why I chose it. The game includes a microphone which will be needed in constructing my radio.

If there is a choice in islands to be banished on. I’d prefer one around 35° latitude either north or south.

TIG: GetOregonized: survivor that talks about his time on the island

TIG: masturbating creep that understands Chinese philosophy and dies alone

Process: Impressive GO, definitely hit me up about the hiding porn thing. I’ll give you all my tips.

GetOregonized: Smash- Ideally I’d have a mix of Under The Pink and Little Earthquakes but I had to choose one.

Process/Everyone- How about instead, pornographic tattoos?


I can’t think of a top seven in each category because I either have too many favorites, or not enough choices but here’s my rundown:

*Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games trilogy
*JK Rowling – The Harry Potter series (because I haven’t read any of them yet)
*Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman – The Death Gate Cycle
*The Bible
*Charlaine Harris – The Sookie Stackhouse series
*Judith McNaught – Paradise
*Stephen King – The Eyes of the Dragon

*Def Leppard – Vault
*Amadeus soundtrack (The Complete Soundtrack recording of Sir Neville Marriner version)
*I Love the 80’s
*Madonna – True Blue
*Purple Rain
*Janet Jackson – Greatest Hits
*E.S. Posthumus – Unearthed

*The Lord of the Rings extended trilogy
*Star Wars the original trilogy
*Breaking Bad series
*White Chicks

Video Games-
*World of Warcraft (this game alone will while away many years on the island)
*Final Fantasy VII
*Final Fantasy X
*Final Fantasy X-2
*Final Fantasy XIII
*Final Fantasy XIII-2
*Eternal Darkness

My lists were very singularly themed for the most part it seems.




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