The latest band I was floored by is England’s Purson. This group will be opening for Ghost (see previous post) in October here in PDX. What I like about Purson and Ghost is the retro rock and look they bring to the table. My favorite bands of all time looked and sounded like this. Black Sabbath, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc. With new bands taking this motif, I am fully on board and cannot wait to see them live.

Purson has the edge over Ghost with their song writing abilities but I like that Ghost is heavier. Purson has a great blend of Jethro Tull, Doors, and Grace Slick with Dio and Bjork like videos. Ghost is like King Diamond-lite with Sabbath riffery.

I haven’t been excited about current bands for a long while and my ears are perked for Purson and Ghost.

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