Expedition: The Brand New Camp

The Brand New Camp
Panther Creek, Gifford Pinchot Forest, Washington
45.843018, -121.860590 (approx)

Team: VK, JK, CK, KK, AK

Expedition Notes:
Edgar Winter soothsayer
Bridge Gods required one dollar in sacrifice. You will be arrested and your car pushed off the bridge if you don’t pay!
Gobbler’s Knob
The K family successfully scouted a spot early, next to Panther Creek.
Panthers, cougars, mountain lions, and pumas are all the same animal.
J whittles a beautiful loon. V&K aren’t as successful with their spoons.
Bath time baby tidal wave
New game created: called “Git!”  Throw a log into the river, and then throw rocks at it until it is out of sight.
Other games of note: Post Mortem, Grandma’s Attic, Last Man Stanton
In Grandma’s attic there is a bed, a snake, a book, a TV, Wilfred Brimly, Diabetes Medicine, a window, Archie Bunker, a waving leaf, a tree, Timber Joey, dirt, an electric skillet, fleas, a stained glass window, tears, an ice cream cone, Cats! the Musical, Arizona, Nick Cage, a hot dog, a surfer, a goblin, an orc, a mountain, the high seas, a lemonade stand, Milhouse, little red wagon, a fluffy white dog.
No rain!
A tick!
Forest Fest ’14 are deemed our camping nemesis.
L Family thwarted due to poop explosion in car seat.

Notable Quotes:
“Don’t let the river bugs bite!”



Image from The Falls Society Archive

Full Expedition Log


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