Expedition: Grandfather Salmon Camp

Grandfather Salmon Camp
9.24.2016 – 9.25.2016
Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon
45.377515, -121.851779

Team: KK, CK, AK, VK, JK

Expedition Notes:
KK feels a pull to the East rather than the North
“I cant wait to┬ámurder everyone in the woods. Oops. Mistext.” – CK
“The ultimate game of post mortem.” – KK
“I will have a camp story to tell you guys entitled ‘murder murder murder murder’ ” – VK
KK fjords the culvert.
Best sandwiches ever.
Incredible salmon spawning in the stream.
VK catches her first fish… with her bare hands.
Fish sounds at night were really loud


Image from The Falls Society Archive

Full Expedition Log

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