Fort Awsome

Fort Awsome
8.10.2018 – 8.11.2018
Tillamook National Forest, Oregon
45.53.6799, -123.539003

Team: KK, CK, AK, MK, CM, VK, JK, LM

Expedition Notes:

Impending doom in the forecast
MK’s first camping trip
Camp Oopy Doopy clear cut
A friendly camp guide NPC suggested Jordan Creek to the first wave of explorers
Fort Awsome founded
Team JK&L followed a trail of notes to Fort Awsome
A suspicious NPC road encounter
Best camping swimming hole ever
Awesome dutch oven spaghetti and “burn my mouth” balls
Lots of guessing games & what’s your favorite…?, what would you be…?
“I hope I forget this soon” – CM
CM – glowing ember sparkler, camping stick masterIn grandmother’s attic there is: A peacock, a kitten with a yellow ribbon, a cigar, Chuck, a dentist, a scalpel, freshly sliced mango, lemon mambas, the black mamba, a kazoo, super cala fragilistic expialidocious, an emu, floss, dentures, a turtle, an avocado, an eyeball
Glow sticks party time
Four wheeler NPCs
Wonderful creek sounds at night
Best camping breakfast ever: croissant-wiches
The rain came
Lake Lee founded
Fort Awsome flooded and abandoned
Post camp hot dogs with special guests: NK, SL, ML, AL, GL

Image from The Falls Society Archive

Full Expedition Log

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