Trump Speaks to Congress

Process: I fucking hate this shit.  Paul Ryan and his entitlement reform can go suck a fucking fat cock.  Must be nice to know you won’t ever have to use medicare and social security because you’re wealthy. Let’s give even more tax breaks to the wealthy and cut the shit out of Social Security and Medicare.  I’m so glad we got born in this fucking generation.  Life expectancy going down, but at least we will have to wait until we’re almost 70 to pull from the money we put into Social Security.  This shit makes me angry.

I hate those greedy assholes.  Let’s increase spending on the military when we are supposed to be moving away from globalization from their standards.  Shouldn’t that mean we can finally strip down our military?  Let’s just rob from the future’s lower income Americans who have lower life expectancies and higher medical costs to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and a robust nuclear arsenal that we haven’t used since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  All kidding aside, fuck them, fuck them all.

TIG: Is anybody going to watch this charlatan fuck tonight?

DP: No.

Qmusing: No.

TIG: That’s…probably a good idea.

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