About The Falls Society

Oregon has gone through many changes.  Claimed as, British, Canadian, and American, Russian and Spanish, not to mention the various native cultures in the area.  However, it was not until the winter of 1842 that a group was put together in order to discuss what it meant to be someone in the region.  By extension this meant political, artistic, scientific, and historic promotion and study.

The Falls Society has historically been known by several names.  As Hubert Howe Bancroft and Frances Fuller Victor noted, “no two authorities call the institution by the same name.”  The Oregon Lyceum, The Falls Association, The Pioneer Lyceum and and Literary Club, and several others are names that have served this institution.

The Falls Society hopes to continue the work of all of its former members and educate, study, and discuss what it means to be from the Northwest of the United States—and beyond.


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