GOP Debate 3: The Elephant in the Room

DP: I’m in…

…Although I don’t think I can watch the debate.

Process: I’m at work unfortunately, otherwise I would drink and be right there with y’all.

TIG: Just me then…Doing this alone…

Qmusing: Trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump!

Process: I wish I could.  It’s going to be great I’m sure.

TIG: I think I have it running without sound.

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

[we get it working]

DP: Here’s Carson just in time to put me asleep.

TIG: I love that all the attempts to question how they can reduce taxes by more than half can pay for the government result in, “Just wait and see.” Damnit, Kasich is actually making sense.

DP: Thank god Republicans voters don’t want someone who makes sense.

TIG: Yeah, Kasich is making way too much sense. Even though I think Ohio did go bankrupt didn’t it? Or was in Kansas?

DP: Trump just cut him down. Ties him to fracking and Lehman brothers.

Then the personal attacks…

TIG: Nice response from Trump. They’re such opposites.

Kasich might pick up some of Jeb!’s votes from that.

Slow down Ben Carson! You’re too dynamic!

DP: I love how Cruz says, “a secretary will pay the same tax as a hedge fund manager…” Is that really what we should be shooting for!?

TIG: It’s so easy to tune Cruz out. I didn’t even hear what he said

DP: Yeah, he’s the worst…

Fiorina takes so long to say nothing

TIG: Hear that Qmusing? All the federal government needs is three pages to have all the federal tax stuff on it!

Fucking Obama hasn’t given people enough raises. Maybe if people voted for their boss’s candidate they’d be empowered against their bosses!

DP: Rubio got a huge applause for that? It was pretty weak.

TIG: He was showing the people what the LIBERAL MEDIA does!

Bush—laugh with dig on the French

DP: I wonder if W personally gives Jeb! campaign advice?

TIG: “Mention our dad…”

DP: Jeb! seems to just answer the questions more than than others.

Some candidates just don’t answer the questions and run with whatever they want to say


TIG: Yeah, but who wants something logical? “It wasn’t me that ran HP into the ground while I was in charge of it, it was HP’s fault.”

DP: It’s hard for Fiorina to spin her HP shit

TIG: “There are politics in the boardroom too,” And I failed at doing that too

DP: Ohhhh! Your job was SO HARD, Carly Yes- Cruz bites the hand that feeds.


DP: Great. Cruz completely dodges question and calls all the Democrats Soviets.

TIG: Ha! I love how he’s not at all answering the policy question he’s complaining about not having got it.

DP: That was a great cut off of Cruz.


DP: Come on Christie- start mud slinging!!

TIG: Christie is pretty smart to put himself as Hillary’s main foe. But not smart enough. He’s just everyone else light.

DP: He’s not polarizing enough. He isn’t going to build a base

TIG: Social Security is theft. The military is not.


DP: Cruz looks older than 44.

TIG: He looks like shit

Trump needs to swing harder. I’m only watching this bullshit so that I can see him be a jerk

DP: Yeah, I agree.

Should have blamed Christie on AC

TIG: “I’ll tell you, the all you can eat bars in casinos never accounted for Chris Christie! He made them go bankrupt for that alone!”

DP: You should be calling Christie on his stomach bypass surgery! You can’t BYPASS the American economy!

Christie says Obama is politicizing the justice department!  Attacks on Qmusing!


Florina did her best to make HP a small and powerless country.

TIG: They’ve been so masterful with their, “crony capitalism,” meme. Anything the government does to fix capitalism is actually extra capitalism. AND socialism

DP: So much of what they say is complete nonsense. Just buzzwords.

TIG: Yeah, she especially doesn’t say anything.

DP: These second tier guys just aren’t doing enough to position themselves to overtake Trump. Rubio isn’t saying anything that is going to win over Trump supporters.

TIG: No…Is Trump still #1?

DP: One poll has Carson on top.  He’s the only real competition right now.

TIG: Yeah, Trump 26.5; Carson 22.0; Rubio 9.0; Bush 7.0; Cruz 6.6 Florina 5.8 Huckabee 3.8 Paul 3.4 Kasich 2.6 Christie 2.4

DP: Haha, yeah, I’m SURE Kasich is going to get a constitutional amendment.  Making that kind of promise is so out of control.

TIG: No, he’s the only one not living in a  fantasy, he SAID so!

DP: They gotta give Trump more air time!


Qmusing: Sorry guys. Wasn’t trying to be anti social. Got a call from Hawaii. Is it still on?

TIG: Yeah!  Join us!

Qmusing: Don’t think I can talk the wife into it.  Bummer

Process: How is it going in general?

DP: Yeah. Carson is defending his homophobia. They aren’t asking Trump enough questions.

TIG: I can’t believe those Homo bigots, “those people that are trying to divide us,” are such raging threats to society by being mean to someone that doesn’t want them to have the right to marry


Process: So Carson is looking bad and Trump isn’t able to spice things up? Moar Trump!

TIG: Yeah, Trump has been so restrained. And Carson is pretty good at looking like a martyr Jeb! That’s the interesting story, how he’s tanking.

Rubio is too freshman league.  He’s not going anywhere.

DP: There’s some Trump pizazz!

TIG: That’s right, it’s sort of his opponent’s fault Anything that hits the LAME STREAM media is big crowd pleaser!

Process: Nice!!!

DP: They gotta give Trump more air time! Cruz is truly the people’s candidate! Yes- says we need to get back on the gold standard

TIG: Has our economy really been that bad since 1933 that we need to think about going back?

DP: Carson wants to fucking increase ethanol subsidies?

TIG: What a communist

DP: Snooze fest

TIG: Yeah, this is lame and boring as fuck C’mon Trump…You can save us! I hope his big tactic is to wait until everyone’s asleep and then come in there and insult everyone I love how they can just manhandle the moderators by implying they’re part of a Democrat conspiracy

DP: At least if one of these guys were elected we could sleep the next four years. ZING!

TIG: Maybe not Trump. “I am the BEST president”

DP: The presidency will win SO HARD when he is president.


TIG: He’s being too nice. Self-aggrandizing, but Trump really needs to start dissing and dismissing.

DP: Trump fucking carries a gun in NYC


TIG: Rand: Zzzzzzzzzz I love how wonky this is. Really, does any individual watching this really know that much about payroll taxes?  Or are we just supposed to hear, “tax,” and react like screaming chimpanzees?

DP: No. They just make this shit up I know. FINALLY. No more IRS!

Wait, weed overdoses??

TIG: We need to stop those weed overdoses. They could to a WHOLE SHOW on it.

DP: Kasich would “freeze regulation” for a year? What does that even mean??

TIG: Obviously regulations are bad. Now there are none.

My batteries are out on my mouse so there’s only so much that I can do.

DP: Sounds like a perfect metaphor for the BROKEN GOVERNMENT!

TIG: Process, how do you feel about Huckabee’s destruction of the Clinton family? I had forgotten about them since he was so successful.

Process: Clinton’s? I don’t know, wasn’t one of them a member of the Parliament… funkadelic?

TIG: Nicely done.

Qmusing: Huckster is G.O.A.T

TIG: If we stopped funding college, then maybe we’d worry about ourselves…

Process: Huckabee’s going to win. No doubt at all.


TIG: Fantasy Football is such a great topic. SLEEP Jesus, Trump needs to speed this along!

Process: Which is your favorite soulless vile gambling site? Fan Duel or Draft Kings?

TIG: Um, Draft Kings has Eddie Norton?

DP: I prefer betting on dog fighting. Less scummy.

TIG: This has been…Difficult. More boring than any of the others thus far.

DP: I agree

TIG: No wonder Trump is losing support. He is like a savior I love that the motto is, “Your money, your vote.” Because, of course, democracy is strictly a financial transaction. Boulder, you sucked.

DP: Huckamania is amazing!

TIG: I do agree with Huckabee’s solution by destroying all diseases and chronic conditions. I don’t know why a president hasn’t done that before.

DP: Huckabee: eradicate cancer. Seriously.

TIG: I’ll bet the son of a president, the brother of another president, and governor of a state knows a LOT about having to cut through government red tape.  Jeb!

DP: I love how Trump wants to bring American jobs back from Japan…because it’s 1979? Panasonic is an AMERICAN COMPANY!

TIG: I keep trying to look to see the bar at the bottom to see if it’s almost over. And then there’s no bar.

DP: Paul Rand is intelligent, and rational, often.  But he, like others, promise such wildly unrealistic bullshit. Listening to this really is boring.


TIG: I’m literally falling asleep.

I love how we get to stop and watch them pat themselves on their fucking backs over and over

DP: 11 quality candidates!? Ha! Fiorina: tackle the basics. What the fuck does that mean??

TIG: Obviously, make sure everyone knows where every dollar goes. Christie: Are you worried about Washington and what it’s doing to you? Vote for the party that holds the legislative branch!

Bush’s weird cough thing: meme material?

DP: The nightmare is finally over

TIG: This has literally been maybe the worst part of my week.

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